New reviews, press, FAQ on MirvishScope

Reviews and press are coming in fast for the MirvishScope – just FIVE days left to order them – and only on our Kickstarter page!  Meanwhile, we did just add a fun and informative FAQ and stills image gallery to our MirvishScope page.

Indiewire wrote: “This could be the lens you need for dream sequences, flashbacks, hallucinations, or just a cool montage.”

NoFilmSchool added their endorsement: “If you’re looking for ways to make crazy images, with all sorts of weird flares and reflections, with your Canon DSLR for very little money, MirvishScope might be a great fit for you.”

And ISO1200 Photography Magazine very kindly linked and tweeted about it: “The MirvishScope Lens System: A unique two-handed lens system for Canon DSLRs”