“Bernard and Huey”- written by Jules Feiffer, 86, who also penned Mike Nichols “Carnal Knowledge”, is being turned into a feature next year by Director Dan Mirvish. – The Hollywood Reporter

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“This could be the lens you need for dream sequences, flashbacks,hallucinations,or just a cool montage.” -Indiewire

“29 years after he wrote it, Pulitzer Prize-winning Village Voice cartoonist and now-and-again screenwriter Jules Feiffer’s “Bernard and Huey” will finally live on the big screen.”– Indiewire

“But I think Jules recognized that I share with him a similar world view, sense of humor and impatience with Hollywood’s traditional hurry up and wait approach.” – Indiewire


“With a track record like Feiffer’s, chances are whatever hadn’t gotten made was still probably pretty good!” -Filmmaker Magazine


“If you’re looking for ways to make crazy images, with all sorts of weird flares and reflections, with your Canon DSLR for very little money, MirvishScope might be a great fit for you.” -nofilmschool


“The MirvishScope Lens System: A unique two-handed lens system for Canon DSLRs.”– ISO1200 Photography Magazine


Filmmaker Dan Mirvish makes great movies, and you’ve got just a few days left to support his latest film, “Bernard and Huey”. -Respect The Process Podcast


“The characters of Pulitzer Prize–winning Southampton cartoonist, playwright, novelist and screenwriter Jules Feiffer are one step closer to coming to life.” – Dan’s Papers


“Dan Mirvish is in the final stretch of his Kickstarter campaign to bring to the screen ‘Bernard and Huey’, a script by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, author, screenwriter and playwright Jules Feiffer (‘Carnal Knowledge’ – 1971).”– Wrongreel

“With MirvishScope, Dan Mirvish once again explodes everything we thought we knew about movie making. He has accomplished the impossible- a total redefinition of the term ‘lens’.” -Sundance Special Jury Award winner Mathew Harrison

“Nobody writes like Jules!” – Stan Lee

“Feiffer is a god. He’s one of the true geniuses in the business .[Mirvish and Feiffer] are a perfect match!” – Bill Plympton

“Jules Feiffer is an inspiration”- Art Spiegelman

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