3 days left, we just crossed $20,000 Stretch Goal, got new Press & new secret videos!


OK, backer friends, we’re racing towards the finish line with barely 3 days to go!!! And thanks to a number of new backers today, we just crossed over our $20,000 Stretch Goal today!!  But we still have stretch goals to go!  Let’s see if we can hit $25,000 (or more!) by the end of the campaign – which is FRIDAY night!!!  Meanwhile, the prestigious Filmmaker Magazine (published by IFP, home of the Gotham Awards) today ran an article I wrote, detailing our 3-year struggle to find the lost Jules Feiffer script that we proudly support as “Bernard and Huey”!  I also had an hour and a half interview with the podcast Respect the Process, hosted by filmmaker Jordan Brady.  And with the runup to ComicCon next week in San Diego, our campaign’s also shown up in a couple of cool comics blogs and websites!

On the campaign side, for all you current backers, you’ve started to see the links for some new, hilarious and sometimes biting interviews with Jules about working with Robert Altman, Robert Evans, Harry Nilsson, Shelley Duvall and Robin Williams on Popeye. Keep in mind that whatever Jules says about Altman, they remained friends for decades after!


Also, we keep getting a wonderful response from the filmmaker, cinematography and photography communities over the #MirvishScope lens (which you get for the $35+ rewards – plus shipping).  For example, award-winning director Matthew Harrison, who won a Sundance Special Jury prize for his film Rhythm Thief, worked with Martin Scorcese on Matt’s film Kicked in the Head, and directed several seminal episodes of Sex and the City in its first season had this very nice quote about the lens: “With MirvishScope, Dan Mirvish once again explodes everything we thought we knew about movie making. He has accomplished the impossible – a total redefinition of the term ‘lens’.”

If you’re only now becoming a backer, or thinking about it in these last few days, you’ll still be able to watch ALL the secret backer videos even after the campaign ends. And for any of you current backers, remember you still have time to up your contribution to the next reward level if you want.

Thanks again to all of you, and please keep spreading the word to your friends, fans and followers, especially in these last 72 hours!!! – Best, Dan


New reviews, press, FAQ on MirvishScope

Reviews and press are coming in fast for the MirvishScope – just FIVE days left to order them – and only on our Kickstarter page!  Meanwhile, we did just add a fun and informative FAQ and stills image gallery to our MirvishScope page.

Indiewire wrote: “This could be the lens you need for dream sequences, flashbacks, hallucinations, or just a cool montage.”

NoFilmSchool added their endorsement: “If you’re looking for ways to make crazy images, with all sorts of weird flares and reflections, with your Canon DSLR for very little money, MirvishScope might be a great fit for you.”

And ISO1200 Photography Magazine very kindly linked and tweeted about it: “The MirvishScope Lens System: A unique two-handed lens system for Canon DSLRs”

Reddit AMA LIVE!!

Tune in on Director Dan Mirvish’s Reddit AMA session NOW!!!   He’ll be on the board, answering any and all questions you have about Bernard and Huey, Slamdance, Indie Filmmaking, and anything else your heart may desire.

MirvishScope in Indiewire!

Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 10.38.18 AM

Dan Mirvish wrote an article highlighting his invention MirvishScope, and it’s on the front page of Indiewire! Click here to read the article showcasing this one of a kind, two-handed lens system. It will give you a unique look not found anywhere else in the world. Consider pledging $35 or more on the Bernard and Huey Kickstarter to get a MirvishScope of your own!

Call for Redditors!


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Director Dan Mirvish will be on Reddit WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24th, 11AM PT doing an AMA. He’ll be on the boards answering any and all questions you have about Bernard and Huey, Slamdance, Indie Filmmaking, and anything else your heart may desire. Check out the announcement on Reddit.

Introducing the Mirvishscope!


We’re Kickstarter’s PROJECT OF THE DAY!! We’re so excited to be featured and to celebrate we’re adding an incredible new reward! An original unique camera lens system invented by Director Dan Mirvish called “MirvishScope” –and it’s only $35! Help us reach our strech goals today and check out our video showing you how the lens works and the awesome effect it gives! Support our kickstarter here!


We did it! We’ve officially achieved 100% of our goal! Now entering “Stretch Goal” phase. New goals and rewards in the works. Thank you so much to all 165 of our backers for donating and spreading the word. Let’s see if we can go even higher!

kickstarter better

Kickstarter Update!!! 43% in 1 WEEK!!!

We would first like to thank you all for your contributions towards the funding of this project!

After launching the Kickstarter campaign for about a week, we have raised around 43% of our goal!  More updates will be coming soon. In the meantime, check out this gif here about one of our biggest supporters so far:


Kickstarter campaign: http://kck.st/1L2ilW8