We’ve already had an amazingly successful Kickstarter campaign where we raised nearly three times our modest goal!  But remember, it’s Kickstarter not Kickfinisher, so we still need to raise over 90% of our actual budget!  Thanks to The Film Collaborative, you and your friends can still make tax-deductible donations through PayPal, credit cards, or checks for any amount! Just go to our page on their site, scroll down and click on the yellow “donate” button or just click it here: donate button

If you’d like to go even further and become an equity investor or do product integration or sponsorship, please download our Bernard and Huey Movie Business Plan PDF, which includes all the details you’ll need about the project and ways you can help out.  You can become an investor even if you’ve already contributed to Kickstarter or Film Collaborative.

And here’s our Kickstarter video that literally kicked things off for Bernard and Huey – I think you’ll dig it!!!




And if you do become a donor through Film Collaborative or an investor in the film, the good news is you’re still eligible for some of the really awesome rewards that our Kickstarter backers got:

$40 – IMDB Credit – Your name will get listed in IMDb as a special “Thanks!”. For anyone in the biz, or trying to break in, you know how valuable any IMDb credit is: It makes you look busy, productive and powerful, and floats to the top of any Google search of you (higher than arrest records), which even if you’re not in The Biz, looks great if you’re applying for college or a job.

$50 – Film Credit– Your name will appear in the credits of the actual “Bernard and Huey” film to be seen at every festival, theatrical release, home video and streaming version of the movie – even if the film appears on cruise ships or prisons!!

$1500 – Be an Extra – You and a friend will get non-speaking background extra parts in the film in either Los Angeles or New York. You will be listed in IMDb as a background actor in the film (ie, “Bar Patron”). You will hobnob with the cast and crew, eat craft service, and even get to make faces at the camera (during rehearsals only, please).

$2500 – Be a Named Movie Star – You and a friend will get a non-speaking part in the film in either Los Angeles or New York. Your characters will get ACTUAL NAMES, and you will be listed in IMDb as an actor in the film. You will hobnob with the cast and crew, eat craft service, and even get to use the special movie star “honey wagon” (if we have one that day)!

$5000 – Investor Level Smugness – At this level, YOU’VE MADE IT! You’ll get exclusive behind-the-scenes investor-level updates, with the smug satisfaction that UNlike the other equity investors, you’ve already gotten your tax-deduction!

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